Day 3: Shumba Gurundoro



Good evening to you all, it’s been a terrific Sunday. Today’s theme was/is #Totem. Am not in the writing spirit but will just write a bit about my totem. My totem animal is a Lion (Shumba in my mother language). I am a Shumba Gurundoro, Gurundoro being our praise name and identity. For some strange reason I do not know myself, I love my totem. 
Gurundoro Poetry

Totems identifies the different clans that historically made up the ancient civilizations of the dynasties that ruled the Shona people. 

Every clan in Zimbabwe is identified by a particular totem (mutupo) and praise name (chidawo). The foundations of the totems are inspired in rhymes that reference the history of the totem. A clan is a  group of agnatically related kinsmen and women who trace their descent from a common founding ancestor.

I am a proud Shumba and I am proud of my totem. Why? Because it’s my history, my heritage, my identity. 

NB: To those who didn’t know, Cecil the Lion was a Shumba Gurundoro.

@The_Gurundiro out ✌✌✌


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Shumba Gurundoro

  1. I am a Shumba Masibanda Hadzi?and the men in my family are Shumba Gurundoro. Do females have a seperate detembo and if so, do you know it?


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