You Are Destined For Greatness

You may not know what the future hold. You may lose track of your vision and stray a little bit. You maybe be constantly failing to achieve your set goals in life. You maybe failing relationship wise. You maybe feeling lonely and feel that you don’t matter. You maybe holding yourself back from doing what you are supposed to be doing, fearing what people may say. You maybe letting people’s opinions dictate life changing decisions in your life. You maybe afraid to rock the boat because you want to fit in. One thing I know is that you are destined for greatness. God has placed each and everyone of us on earth for a purpose. You just need to believe in yourself, life is full of ups and downs. Life if full of disappointments, but you need to learn from such to move on with life. Let the disappointments be stumbling blocks to your success.


Let the lion in you roar


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