Hello September! Day 1

(Source: Pinterest)

It is that time of the year again, September my favourite month. If you were to ask you why. I’d gladly tell you that because September is my birthday month. So the month of September is the best time for me.

NB: Happy birthday September babies


(Source: Pinterest)

I was so looking forward to the #BlogTemberChallenge as it is a time to meet, mix and mingle with a lot of bloggers. I am not really a constant blogger myself. I write whenever I feel like writing and most of the time when I need to put my mind at ease.

This #BlogTemberChallenge I am not promising to write everyday, but I will try to write something everyday . I am not really a writer but I do write (lol)

So here is to every #AfroBlogger out there HAPPY WRITING.

3 thoughts on “Hello September! Day 1

  1. Thats the spirit!!!! You will be surprised how easy it is to get into a routine and its a great way of finding out the type of posts that are easy for you to write, and hey staying in a comfort zone is an enemy of progress!!!
    Happy writing

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