What happens after a breakup?

What happens after a heartbreak?

Sometimes good things come to an end, or do they? Can you quantify a broken relationship as good?

What happens after a breakup?

Do you take down the post and pictures on social media. All those sweet nothing messages which attracted likes and comments. Would they have been real? Or maybe, you are to create another account leaving the one which holds a lot fond memories. The Instagram and Facebook posts, stories and all, do you need to breakup with them too?

What really happens after a breakup?

Do you need to call friends and family members who used to compliment your relationship to tell them you’ve broken up? Do you need to make an announcement or a broadcast to everyone to avoid the later on questions on how your significant other is doing or rather, your used to be significant other?

What happens after a breakup?
What happens to the gifts you use to give each other? Do you throw them away. Do you burn them? Do you give them back? Do you keep them for old times sack?

Whatever happens to the memories that you shared? Do you need Pabbie, the rock troll to remove them. The sweet loving memories you used to cherish and probably promised to cherish forever.

What happens when after a breakup?

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