What if…?

(Source: Pinterest)

What if the present moment, present life was nothing but a flicker of imagination while you are still in your mother’s womb. Would you want to be born after glimpsing into the world? You are not certain of the life that you’ll have seen if it is a true replica of the outside world.What if I’m being too presumptuous and in need of a gyroscope to balance life as it is. They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade, but the inner me is fuming on such naive cliche statements. Anyways, who are they? What if I don’t what to make lemonade? What if I want to make lemon tea or lemon water?This takes me to a seminar I attended once. I liked how people talked of their success stories it was really motivating. But then again, what if one’s success story isn’t going to be the same with mine. What if the ABC stages that one took isn’t going to do for me. One man’s meat is another man’s position. What if you simply need to succeed on your own terms, choose what to do with your own lemon.What if you are your own drag down in life. The choices and decisions that you’ve made. The friends that you have or the way you’ve presented yourself to the world is the cause of the turmoils you face in life. It is human nature really to always find something or someone to blame when things head south. What if you just need a reevaluation of your life to get things back in order, if ever there was an order.What if you lived a carefree life and didn’t have to worry about people or anything. What if you were to put yourself first in all circumstances? Would that be selfish? What if you stop being a people pleaser? What if you are failing to reach your maximum potential all because you are failing to air your voice, or you are afraid to step on some people’s toes to stand by what you believe in.What if you live your life for you? After all, we die once and live every day, somehow you’ve got to make it count.